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Go Team

I love my country, and I’m just as patriotic as the next girl.  I remember seeing my first dirty magazine and there was a girl in an American flag bikini!  Well the girly look may not be my style, but I loved this jersey and shorts they brought me for patriotic pictures.  I love cheering for US sports teams during international competition, and we play strip games.  If the other team scores, I have to take off a piece of clothing.  If the US team scores, my competitor takes off a piece.  It’s always fun to see who ends up naked first, and it’s more fun than trash talk during the game.  It also gives us something to do during commercials.  We’ll pretend the US team lost.  If you want to see me strip all the way, I’m a great loser.  Go to Bella Spice and check out the rest.

Teal Bikini

I love playing with bright colors, and I had to get some pictures when I found this teal bikini on sale.  There’s no place to swim nearby, but think of the looks I’ll get when I lay out in the sun on my balcony wearing this.  My neighbors will all stare at me, and that’s a lot of fun.  I love it when they stare, and I know you’re staring too.  Showing off my body is one of my favorite things.  Maybe this weekend, I’ll walk down to the beach with some tiny little shorts on and strip down into this.  It’s really the perfect thing to get crazy on the beach in.  I got plenty crazy during this photo shoot too.  If you want to see the sexy parts, I put the whole thing on Bella Spice.

Lil’ Thug

I love these pictures.  I’m dressed up like a little street hoodlum, looking all hard, then I get to show off my cute new bikini.  It’s mostly strings and doesn’t cover much, but I love animal prints.  Bella Spice has the rest of my wild time.

Pool Hall Princess

I got you guys a teaser video from my last shoot.  It’s a very hot scene where I’m working my sexy look on a pool table.  I know you’ve imagined a hot girl laying out on your pool table before!  See just what that pool table can take over at Bella Spice!